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An Avant-garde Affair

Gabrielle Buffet and Francis Picabia were both figures of the avant-garde period, and were married from 1909 to 1919. Francis is well known for his contributions to modern art, especially Dada. Gabrielle does not receive as much recognition for her work, and is seldom praised or studied; however, she is one of the most quoted figures of the period. On this site, key events of their lives have been organized to provide a concise and fundamental understanding of them individually and as a couple, during one of the most dynamic and prominent time periods for an artist to live in.



Gabrielle Buffet

Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia might be the most quoted figure of the avant-garde, yet she is one of the least studied. Her name is most often found in the footnotes of books, next to citations for her detailed comments and stories on the charismatic male leaders of the Dada movement. She was born in France, in 1881 […]

Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia [1879- 1953] was an eclectic Avant-Garde artist. The French-born painter was most famous for his work in Cubism and Dadaism but his creations were not restricted to just those movements (Camfield 21). Some of his most famous paintings and sketches included La Source, Udnie, and La Saint Vierge (The Blessed Virgin). Picabia was […]